Facebook adds Twitter-like following feature called "Subscribe"

Facebook made an interesting update today that brings a Twitter-like following feature called "Subscribe." After the launch of rival social network Google+, Facebook has been aggressively adding new features with this latest addition along with the previous "smart lists" directly challenging the more flexible Google+ Circles relationship system.

With the "Subscribe" button, Facebook users can now connect with each other without having to become friends. This allows for more asymmetrical relationships, something that Facebook has been resistant to for a long time.

However, the Subscribe button doesn't work exactly like Twitter's follow feature. The button only appears on your page if you choose to allow other users to subscribe. And those that subscribe have three options of receiving all updates, most updates, or only the important updates.

The act of subscribing to someone's profile is public and you will only receive updates from them that are set as public. Hence, subscribing only makes it easier to see the updates that you would normally already be able to see by going directly to that person's profile

[via AllThingsD]