Facebook adds personal fundraisers and donate buttons

Facebook has expanded the charity aspects of its platform, making it possible for users to launch personal fundraisers. These fundraisers are available across six different categories, including Education, Crisis Relief, Medical, Personal Emergency, and more. Those who use the platform to raise funds will pay about seven percent in a fee that goes toward Facebook's various costs including vetting and fraud protection.

A personal fundraiser is described as an attempt to raise money for either one's self, someone who isn't on Facebook, or a Facebook friend. It can also be used to raise money to cover pets' medical bills. Facebook will have it in beta for the next handful of weeks, and will expand it suitably over time with a faster review process and additional funding categories.

Anyone who donates to a personal Facebook fundraiser will be able to do so directly within the social network; their Facebook profile will also show up as one of the donors who contributed. Those who receive fundraiser funds will have 6.9% and thirty cents deducted from the money to cover Facebook's various incurred expenses.

In addition, Facebook is launching a new donate button for live broadcasts and posts made by verified Pages. Anyone who watches the content can contribute some money toward the person or organization behind the page both during the live broadcast and after it ends. This enables nonprofits, for example, to raise money over social media during a live broadcasted event not unlike traditional television funding events.

SOURCE: Facebook Newsroom