Facebook adds drag-and-drop feature

Earlier today, we reported that Facebook has started rolling out some new privacy pages that makes it easier for users to setup and manage their privacy settings. Now we're seeing another update, this time with how users upload images to Facebook. The social network is adding a drag-and-drop feature for users to upload photos.

This new feature will let Facebook users drag a batch of images onto the designated area and upload them all at once, making it easier and faster. Gone will be the hassle of navigating through your file manager, finding the image, uploading, and repeating. Instead, the images can all be selected and dropped in a single area. Making albums has never been so easy.

The new feature has gone live in limited quantities, but all Facebook users should be seeing it in the near future. While it has been released on some profiles, it is not available on pages, which is no doubt disappointing for pages that upload a lot of images daily. The feature may be made available for pages in the future, however.

It seems those seeing the new drag-and-drop feature are also seeing it in Facebook Messenger. This comes shortly after users in New Zealand were treated to the new privacy pages that Facebook is rolling out. Other users on the network should see this update over the next week as Facebook finishes its testing. We'll be keeping an eye out and update you when the new features roll our way.

[via The Verge]