Facebook adds acquaintance list suggestion manager

Shane McGlaun - Mar 22, 2012
Facebook adds acquaintance list suggestion manager

I bet a lot of you started out like me on Facebook where if someone sent you a friend request, you generally accepted it even if you didn’t really know them just to be nice. In my case that means I ended up with a bunch of people I don’t care about or want to hear from on my list. Somehow, it works out that most of those people I don’t care to hear from or really know are the ones that constantly post song lyrics, whine about things, and send requests to help them in stupid games I have no interest in.

I’ve taken to unfriending many of these people. If you’re too nice to unfriend people, Facebook has a new feature that should have just been called the STFU list manager. The official Facebook name is Acquaintance List Suggestions Manager. This manager will troll your newsfeed, find those that you don’t interact with often, and then suggest that you add them to your acquaintance list.

The people that you add to that list will show in your newsfeed with much less frequency. However, nothing else will change. That means you can still peruse their profiles and comment on their posts if you want. The manager will also troll your individual smart lists making it easier for you to tell if the person is someone important you or not.

[via Techcrunch]

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