Facebook acquires Strobe to help HTML5 app developers deploy to the web and appstores

There's a company out there by the name of Strobe whose main goal is to help HTML5 web app developers push their apps to the web, the Android Market, and the iTunes App Store, and today we're to understand that Facebook has acquired them fully. Strobe founder Charles Jolley noted this morning that though Facebook has acquired the service, it will continue to exist in its Beta form for the time being. He also mentioned that his other progect which has to deal with JavaScript framework SproutCore will remain an independent project. What does this mean for Facebook, you might ask – Jolley will be joining the mobile engineering team, for one.

The tale of what Strobe is all about essentially tells the story of how Facebook will expand with them attached. Jolley notes that as Strobe has been a "fantastic adventure" so too will it continue to be exciting to continue to work with those who'd supported the team in their pre-Facebook form. His note, signed The Strobe Team, reads as follows, in part:

"Strobe was founded on the belief that HTML5 can transform the way average people use their mobile phones through apps that are available everywhere, anytime, on any device. Now we're joining the talented people at Facebook to help develop innovative mobile experiences for their users around the world." – The Strobe Team

For those of you who've never encountered Strobe before, it takes the its name "strobe" and uses it to show how you are the lamp now, controlling your application on many platforms from the same single location. You're able to build and manage your HTML5-based web application for smartphones and tablets on both iOS and Android as well as on the web. Facebook has also released a statement on the subject:

We're excited to confirm that we've completed a talent acquisition for Strobe Corp., a mobile app development startup based in San Francisco. Founder and CEO Charles Jolley will join our mobile engineering team, and we're looking forward to the major impact the Strobe team will undoubtedly make at Facebook.

It will be exciting to see how this will work out for web app creators currently hosting their games on Facebook exclusively. On the other hand, it might just be that Jolley will end up working to bring Facebook to mobile apps more effectively, we'll just have to wait and peek! Have a look at this informational video on what Strobe has been about thus far and see if you can tell what they'll be doing with Facebook in the future:

[via StrobeCorp]