Facebook acquires Social-Blogging group Storylane

This week the folks at Facebook have both revealed a brand new set of features for their News Feed – for you and I – and have acquired a platform for social blogging by the name of Storylane. The acquisition of this group has been announced by Facebook as a key acquisition that'll bring their ability to showcase "real identity through sincere and meaningful content" up to the forefront, per the previous work done by the acquired group. This acquisition moves the team of five employees that make up Storylane into the fold – the Facebook fold.

Storylane takes what you've always been sharing to Facebook and makes it bigger – not just in a literal pixel-size sense, but in a way that's personable and professional at the same time. Those of you that've been using Storylane for the past several weeks or months – you'll be given tools to migrate your work over to new services in the near future. Of course Facebook will be on that list, but from what we're seeing from Storylane's announcement, you'll be running forward with services of all types as well.

As it has been with a large collection of acquisitions over the past several years in the technology universe, we're seeing Storylane give a message that appears both sincerely written and ready to be more than excited about the purchase. With Facebook owning Storylane, we can expect the work they've done over their relatively short past to be integrated into the Facebook user interface quickly. Of course in this case that means Facebook quick – which could mean anything when it comes to actual real-world show for everyday users.

Have a peek at the timeline below for additional recent acquisitions done by various companies in high power and see if you can detect any recent patterns. It's time to pick up your favorite group and make them your own! Have at it!

[via Storylane]