Face transplant recipient recovering well post surgery

An American man named Richard Lee Norris has lived as a recluse for the last 15 years after suffering devastating facial injuries after a gun accident. The devastating injuries left Norris without lips and most of his nose and with very limited movement of his mouth. His facial transplant was the most extensive ever performed included giving the man new teeth, nose, tongue, and a new jaw.

The surgery was funded by the U.S. Navy in hopes that the technique can help injured soldiers in the future. The operation lasted 36 hours in Norris' case and 72 hours overall with multiple transplants going from one donor to five different people. So far, the transplant was a success.

Doctors say that Norris is recovering well and has already brushed his teeth and shaved. Norris will have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life to prevent his body from rejecting the new face. Norris is said to have regained his sense of smell from the operation, which included underlying nerves and muscles.

[via BBC]