Fable is being revived for Xbox Series X

As we head into the next generation, there have been a few rumors claiming that we'd see a revival of the Fable franchise on Xbox Series X. With today's showcase, Microsoft confirmed those rumors, announcing a new Fable title for the Xbox Series X and Windows PC. It's been a long time since the last mainline Fable game, so excitement for this new title will probably be high.

In fact, you'd be forgiven if you thought that Fable as a franchise had been permanently relegated to the realm of more casual games after releases like Fable Fortune, Fable: The Journey, and Fable Heroes. The last mainline game in the series was 2010's Fable III, so it's been quite some time since the last big entry in the series.

This new game is being developed by Playground Games, which has previously worked on the Forza Horizon series for Microsoft. Of course, Lionhead Studios – the original Fable developer – was shut down in 2016, so it'll be interesting to see what a new studio can do with the Fable franchise.

At the moment, we know next to nothing about this game. The trailer is purely cinematic in nature, emphasizing Fable's penchant for player choice and the fact that the player's story is ultimately in their hands. The trailer confirms that the game will be available for Xbox Series X and Windows 10, and like every other game announced today, it'll be playable through Xbox Game Pass on console and PC.

Aside from Halo Infinite, Fable could very well be the biggest reveal from today's show. We'll let you know when Microsoft and Playground Games share more information, but since we've only got an announcement trailer with no release date or window in sight at the moment, we could be waiting on that for a while yet.