FAA releases drone safety video, website for consumers

We're curious: did you ask for a Drone this year? Are you hoping someone leaves you an 'unmanned aircraft' tidily wrapped up? If so, the FAA wants to remind you that they're in charge, and there are some dos and don'ts on proper Drone ownership. In their newly released video, which you can see below, the FAA passive-aggressively addresses some of the recent events that have brought drones under the microscope. There's also an accompanying website dedicated to drone ownership, so you have a go-to spot for all your questions.

In the video, the FAA clearly outlines what your drone can and can't be used for. Don't operate it for business purposes (unless you have license to do so), and don't fly at aircrafts.

That last one may sound dumb, but it's something that needs inclusion, sadly.

The FAA also reminds you that regardless of how high and far your drone can go, there's a 400-foot ceiling. You also shouldn't fly it beyond your line of sight, according to the FAA.

What the FAA fails to remind you is that hawks will destroy your drone. the video and website also fail to discuss how we're to act at fireworks shows. Can we fly them, or not?

The video is all kinds of groan-worthy, but the FAA makes a pretty good point with it. As drones become more popular, we really do need a go-to source for guidance and best practices. This can also be a foreshadowing that the FAA is about to take private drone ownership very, very seriously.

Source: FAA