F8 2019 dates and details released in lifeless gray

Today F8 2019, the Facebook developer conference for the year 2019, was revealed in basic detail. We know now that the event will indeed proceed as previously suggested, and that it'll take place in San Jose, California. This event will take place on April 30th and on May 1st, 2019.

The Facebook developer conference takes place each year to accomplish a few things for Facebook and its closely associated brands. According to Facebook: "F8 spotlights our global community, the latest technology from our family of apps, and the future we are building together." The unspoken truth of this conference, as it is with all developer conferences, is to further solidify Facebook as a leader brand, so very gigantic that it can get developers to pay an admission price to come to an event where they'll teach them how to make apps and develop on their platform.

Other companies that have developer conferences include Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Facebook's developer conference includes sessions not just on Facebook itself, but Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, too. Facebook is, after all, a multi-armed kraken of industry from whens all major social networking flows – tremble before its might!

Not much different from past sessions, Facebook's F8 has the following mission statement: "This year we celebrate the developers, creators, entrepreneurs and innovators building with our platform and tools. There will be networking opportunities, deep-dive sessions, and product demos, all showcasing how technology can enable the best of what people can do together."

Prospective developers wishing to participate can find a sign-up sheet for more details (if at the point you're reading this any additional details exist) over at F8 dot com. This year's F8 also uses the following headline statement: "A conference about technology and human connection."

Above you'll see the website for the conference as it exists today. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the design principal execution here – it looks very nice. But as for the connection to a positive outlook the conference has portrayed in the past – that seems to have been swallowed by a solid gray fog of nothingness. The design of this website is a new embodiment of the short story "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.

All Summer In A Day – Ray Bradbury from Mister Noneya on Vimeo.