F-Secure Data Discovery Portal reveals your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Snapchat, Apple data with a click

The brands Google, Apple, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Amazon are all on the list. In the F-Secure Data Discovery Portal, you'll be shown the ways and means with which you'll learn all the data these major internet-centric companies have on you – and what you'll be able to do with this knowledge now that it's yours once more. Ever wonder how many recordings of your voice Amazon keeps? Now you can hear yourself in each file, one by one.

The sites you've likely given information to include Amazon – with Alexa, and the voice recordings Amazon keeps. Thank goodness you're able to see and hear what they've got, assuming they really, truly DO make their entire catalog of your voice recordings available to you at any time.

They've got Twitter – there the data is more about your entire back-archive of public Tweets. You can download that archive at will. Snapchat is a slightly different story. In Snapchat, you'll find available the following items for your download:

• Login History and Account information

• Snap History

• Chat History

• Our Story and Crowd-Sourced Content

• Purchase History

• Snapchat Support History

• User Profile

• Friends

• Ranking

• Account History

• Location History

• Search History

• Terms History

• Subscriptions

• Bitmoji

• In-app Surveys

• Reported Content

• Bitmoji Kit

Facebook has an absolutely absurd amount of information on you and your friends and family. I'm gonna go ahead and link directly to that portal here because it is so utterly massive that you probably will not realize what you're seeing at first glance.

The Apple portal gives you access to your purchase history, some Siri stuff, and data on the devices to which you've attached your name. Google is similar to Facebook in that they have so much information that belongs to you, it boggles the mind. Through the F-Droid portal above, you'll find further links to your Google Account, Android, and Google Home data.

Why did F-Secure make this portal? Because they're an internet-based security company, and they want you to become their customer. This is a lot like many similar companies, aiming to gain notoriety by revealing major hacks, exploits, and mishaps in security across the web. In this case, they've compiled a bunch of links.

Normally I'd put out a disclaimer here warning you that you may have to pay, or whatever – but that's not the case here. It's completely up to you whether you make the EXTRA effort to see what F-Secure is all about. If you just want to use their portal to access your data on other sites, that's completely OK!