EziSmart case makes smartphones easier for elderly

Smartphones and the elderly don't always mix well — try as they might, some from the eldest generation have trouble using modern smartphones, prompting the development of various simplified launchers and elderly-friendly smartphones. Inventor Richard Chan has a new twist on those ideas, though, developing a simplified smartphone case with buttons rather than an easier-to-use phone interface.

The smartphone case features large concave buttons, as shown above. These are easy to press, making it suitable for those with motor issues, as well. The case works in conjunction with a mobile app, enabling the smartphone to function akin to an old-school handset, but with the mobility and GPS perks of modern phones.

The case is called EziSmart, and its creator is currently working with researchers from SINTEF, an independent research organization in Norway. Together they are testing the case and its related technology, and continuing development on it. It has taken years to develop, according to Gemini, and is currently in the prototype stage.

EziSmart is presently set to undergo user tests, which include use by elderly individuals. With the case, users are able to compose and send messages in addition to making calls, and there are some baked in features, such as sending an SMS with GPS coordinates to someone with a single button press, an alarm function, and more.

The case will arrive on Kickstarter some time this month.

VIA: Gizmag