ezGear WiiMusic Pack offers plastic instruments for virtual virtuosos

If you're big on the new Wii Music game, then you no doubt use your Wiimote relentlessly in an effort to play that great symphony. But now you can feel more like a real musician with the ezGear WiiMusic Pack, which is available now.

The WiiMusic Pack offers up several plastic accessories for your Wiimote including a saxophone, drumsticks and a violin. Actually, one of those drumsticks doubles as conductor's baton. Pretty cool, huh?

Sure the Wii Music game is capable of 60 different music instruments, now you at least have three that look and feel closer to the real thing. Here's a thought, maybe we should all just learn how to play actual instruments? Eh, that times time and commitment. Fake music for everyone! The ezGear WiiMusic Pack will cost you $30.