Eyez by ZionEyez Brings Live Streaming to Facebook

Eyez by ZionEyez has been in the development stage for a while now. The concept is a pair of glasses that include a 720p HD camera that can record onto the 8 GB of internal flash or live stream into cloud storage or social networking sites like Facebook. Not the first product to tackle this concept, and will certainly not be the last. No official release date has been set, but ZionEyez is currently accepting preorders on their site.

The Eyez have an attractive design; pretty much the classic pair of sunglasses. The lenses are 100% UVA/UVB. The tinted lenses can also be swapped out for a clear pair or fitted with prescription lenses by a professional (kids, don't try this at home). The HD 720p camera is concealed inside the body of the glases, and battery life is an estimated 3 hours of recording time per charge. The Eyez can communicate via WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth v3.0, or micro USB.

Currently most live social network streaming is being done through phones or camcorders, and most is not actually live, it is uploaded after it is recorded. Using the Eyez free Android or iOS app, smartphone users can wirelessly upload their video in real time or stream to a blog or live video feed. One problem that other similar products have run into is bandwidth. Unfortunately not all cellular networks are created equal, and live video streaming has been problematic when users were attempting to stream over networks with speeds of 3G and slower. Most major metropolitan areas are getting decent 4G and LTE coverage, but it is still not everywhere. It can be very frustrating being limited by the speed of the network.

The MSRP of Eyez is set at $199, but ZionEyez is offering a limited-time special of $149 to anyone that is willing to pre-order a product with an unspecified release date.

[via ZionEyez]