EyeToy Going High Def to beat the Wiimote?

The Sony EyeToy got a lukewarm reception a few years back when it was introduced as an add-on for the PS2 that enabled whole body movement detection for an added level of game playing interactivity. But now with the popularity of the Wiimote, there are rumors that Sony is attempting to push a new EyeToy HD for the PS3 as competition.

The EyeToy, for those unfamiliar, is essentially a digital camera for the PS that can be used for both video chatting or whole-body gameplay such as dancing in DDR. Many vex that this will just be another useless and expensive add-on, while others deem it worthy with many great possibilities. What do you think? Aye or nay?

High definition Eye Toy – a better input than the Wiimote? [Via: Gadgetell]