EYESthere puts CCTV security on your cellphone

If I told you that for $1,100 I could fit an almost-Hi-Def CCTV camera to your house and send images from it to your cellphone, would you spit out your whiskey and exclaim "how much?!" or would you make your wife go home and dance in front of the lens wearing a variety of diaphanous veils?  No matter, the important thing is that you can now employ security firm EYESthere to stoke your home with surreptitious webcams that, when activated by movement, will send you an SMS message warning you that someone has broken in and is trying to steal your pornography priceless nude sculpture.

So what makes this any better from, say, a wireless camera hooked up to the 'net with its own web-server and password protected viewing site?  Well, when you put it like that, it's a tough one.  EYESthere boast low-light performance and a variety of casings up to an included armoured examples, but the key seems to be that rather than monitor the video feed for you, you do it yourself.

Right, okay, so for $1,100 (for one camera installed) you get to monitor your own home security.  Forgive me if I come across as a great fat cynic, but for that I'd want at least one man in a badly-fitting polyester uniform paying some small degree of attention to a live feed of my home.

EYESthere [via The Raw Feed]