Eye-Fi announces 16GB Pro X2 wireless memory card

Craig Lloyd - Oct 3, 2012, 10:26am CDT
Eye-Fi announces 16GB Pro X2 wireless memory card

Eye-Fi‘s unique line of memory cards have been serving photographers’ wireless transfer needs for some time now, but the 8GB maximum the company had on their cards was a huge barrier for some photo snappers. Fortunately, Eye-Fi has now doubled the capacity storage and has released a 16GB model of their Pro X2 memory card.

The 16GB Eye-Fi Pro X2 is the company’s new flagship offering and boasts a Class 10 rating that offers the same geotagging features and cloud service that’s provided with all of their other products. The new card will allow you to wirelessly connect your camera to your mobile device, or utilize a WiFi network to move images directly to your computer.

CEO and co-founder of Eye-Fi Yuval Koren says, “Cameras have more megapixels, and pictures and videos are more demanding in terms of size. Moving to a 16GB, Class 10 card keeps up with these trends and delivers what our customers have been asking for.” With megapixels of point-and-shoot cameras reaching into the teens, even regular consumers need more storage space for their photos, and Eye-Fi is looking to deliver on that.

The 16GB model will cost $100 and is currently available for pre-order from Amazon. The new memory card will also see launches in Australia and Japan soon, with a price tag of $108 AUD and ¥9980, respectively. The company also cut the price of their 8GB Pro X2 and Mobile X2 by $20, now priced at $80 and $60, respectively.

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