Exynos Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 Can Do 4K 60fps Recording

Just because you have a fancy, advanced image sensor capable of 4K 60 fps video recording doesn't mean you'll be able to do that on your smartphone. Your phone's processor needs to be able support that rather heavy load and, even if it could, your OEM has to allow that feature to be made available to users. When one of those requirements aren't met, users are sadly deprived of what they should have. Fortunately for owners of the Galaxy S8/S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 using Samsung's Exynos processors, that's possible now.

Although the camera sensors on last year's Samsung flagships were capable pf it, it was only this year that Samsung switched on 4K/60p video recording. Because it is only with the Snapdragon 845 that Qualcomm finally supported that feature too. That said, last year's Samsung Exynos 8895 were already capable of that high resolution, high frame rate recording. But to play fair with Snapdragon 835 variants, Samsung disabled the feature.

Sounds unfair? The good news is that XDA is presenting a way to get that feature on 2017 Samsung flagships. Even better news, you don't need to be rooted at all! You do need to sideload an APK, so best know what you're getting into.

After installing the app, all you need is to copy and paste the following lines of code in the app's "Edit Camera Script":








Once you tap on Apply, you're good to go. So far, there have been no reports of untoward incidents. Just be aware that you will be getting video files much, much larger than their usual sizes.