Explore the Colorado River with Google Street View

Google has had its Street View imagery in the Google maps application for a long time. At first, this information was a street level view of what you would see on some city streets. Over time, the Street View experience expanded into showing people landmarks that they might not get to visit otherwise.

Last year Google added a stroll through Arlington National Cemetery to its Street View treks. This week Google added another place for fans of virtual exploration to check out. The new Street view trek is on the Colorado River. The Colorado River spans 286 miles and the Google content offers a look from the river and offers a glimpse up side canyons as well.

Google partners with a nonprofit called American rivers to capture the footage. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the Colorado River and the need to better manage water supplies. Google also worked with a commercial outfitter called Arizona River runners to make the trip from Lee's Ferry to Pearce Ferry.

Google mounted a pair of trekker cameras on the rafts with 15 camera heads to snap pictures every 2.5 seconds. Google took the photos with the sun at its highest location because it didn't want shadows to mess up the images. You can explore the Colorado River with Google now.