Exploding water balloons make awesome pictures

It's already reaching summer-like temperatures here in Texas with temps of 91 degrees not counting humidity here over the weekend. That means that driving through my neighborhood, I enviably see kids playing in a water hose, using water guns, or tossing water balloons at each other. I was constantly picking up water balloon shards last year out of my yard with the kids all playing with them constantly. An artist has taken some water balloons and used them to create some really cool photos.

The Artist is Ryan Taylor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He used some camera gear and lighting to catch the beautiful images you see here. Taylor says that he used strobe lights, colored water, milk, paint, and balloons for the shots. The one with the white liquid that is apparently milk looks like a mushroom cloud from some sort of bomb being set off. That isn't my favorite shot though.

I really like the one with the single drop that has rainbow colors around the edges. The drop is apparently skim milk with food coloring. I'm not good enough with photography to know how the strobes help capture those stop frame images, but I don't need to know how the guy did it to enjoy them. I also like the pic that looks like an exploding planet. I assume it an image of the liquid in a balloon right after the balloon pops.

[via Thisiscolossal]