Exploding meteor caught on dash cam in New Zealand

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 11, 2015, 10:05pm CST
Exploding meteor caught on dash cam in New Zealand

Thanks to the increasing number of dashcams on cars across the globe, we’ve seen fireballs of various sorts caught on camera in places that mostly lie within Russia. Yet another has been caught on camera, this time in New Zealand where a meteor can be seen zipping into view between the clouds, then exploding with a bright light followed by zooming out of view. Unlike some of the massive fireballs we’ve seen in other videos, this one was relatively fast and simple, and punctuated with a quick woo! from the driver.

According to experts, the blinding light seen in the video below was probably caused by a meteor exploding over the region. The event happened at 10PM local time, and was accompanied by an explosion and loud boom, according to those who witnessed it.

The object was seen from the upper South Island to Whangarei, and could have also been debris from a space craft or something else entirely. It is estimated the object ranged in size from a “grapefruit [to] a basketball”, according to an expert that spoke with The New Zealand Herald.

This follows a much larger celestial event that took place back in November in Russia. In that instance, a massively bright fireball was captured by several cameras at different angles showing a presumed meteor explosion that was exceeding bright and long-lasting.

VIA: BGR, New Zealand Herald

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