Exploding Kittens Inc "A Game of Cat & Mouth" can't be what you expect

The same people that made the original Exploding Kittens card game just revealed another very strange item. This game is called "A Game of Cat & Mouth" and it's made for two players. It works with graphics similar to those of the game Exploding Cats, but instead of cards, it works with balls and magnets.

The game A Game of Cat & Mouth requires two players. One player sits on one side of the board, the other on the other. Both players are given a set of tiny balls and a single cat paw. In the center is a cartoon cat face.

The object of the game is to fling, knock, and bounce balls through the cartoon cat's mouth. Each time you knock a ball through this cat's mouth, you move your point counter one point higher. You'll see the "ENEMY" and "YOU" counters on the cat – they're the eyes.

Per the game's official description, it's "like pinball, but with slingshots." The cat hands with which you'll launch the balls are made of plastic and have a powerful magnet at their base. The base magnet connects with another magnet that rests under the floor of the play arena.

This game could be a whole lot of fun. It could also be extremely frustrating. Either way, it looks amazing, as it continues to roll with the aesthetic borne of the originator, the man named Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal.

The box will be available at Target, Target online, and through ExplodingKittens.com for approximately $25 USD. This game should be available in the next week – UPDATE: Or immediately, whatever! ALSO NOTE: There's a THIRD (yes, there've been others) expansion for Exploding Kittens called Barking Kittens out right this minute.