Exemode SQ28m jumps on "janky camera" bandwagon

After the niche success of the Superheadz Digital Harinezumi camera, it comes as little surprise that rivals in the "odd photography" segment will emerge.  First up is the Exemode SQ28m, a 21g mini-cam measuring a slimline 53 x 23 x 19 mm and capable of taking some particularly trippy images or videos with its 1.95-megapixel CMOS sensor.Video demo after the cut

Onboard storage is 64MB – though there's a microSD slot for up to 2GB cards – and maximum resolution is 1,280 x 1,200 stills or 320 x 240 8fps video in either Motion JPEG or AVI format.  A USB 1.1 connection is used to shuffle footage over to your computer, and the whole thing is designed to dangle from your keychain until it's needed.

Does anybody else think it's vaguely ironic that, while we've constantly been complaining about camera quality in cellphones over the past few years, pushing for higher-resolution and better color accuracy, now we're also snapping up bizarre "gimmick" cameras the sole point of which is to deliver skewed colors and fuzzy detail?  The Exemode SQ28m will go on sale in Japan tomorrow, priced at the equivalent of around $70.

[via CrunchGear]