Exclusive Fortnite Rebirth Harley Quinn skin revealed: How to get it

If you're a DC Comics fan who also plays Fortnite, you may be interested in the game's new Harley Quinn skin — which is exclusively available to players who purchase a newly released comic book. As previously announced, DC Comics teamed with Epic Games to launch a limited comic book series called Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point and each issue comes with a digital code.

As its name suggests, the new Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic book series is based on the battle royale game's Zero Point Crisis. Batman has been whisked away to the Fortnite island where he's stuck without any memories of where he's from. The superhero must battle against popular characters from the Fortnite universe while uncovering the Zero Point secrets.

According to Epic, this series — which will feature a total of six issues released through early July — will include 'secrets' about the Zero Point Crisis that haven't previously been revealed. Fans have the option of purchasing each issue in print form or signing up for DC Universe Infinite to get the digital versions of each issue.

Each comic book comes with a code that Fortnite players can redeem to unlock items in the battle royale game. The first issue, which was released on April 20, includes a code for an exclusive Rebirth Harley Quinn skin. An additional five skins will be made available, though they haven't yet been released.

The digital version of these comic books are only available to users in the US. If you sign up for DC Universe Infinite under the free trial period, you'll have to wait for it to end and the billing to start before you can redeem the codes for the free skins. A full list of FAQ about the comic book series and skins can be found on Epic's website.