Ex-Apple PR delivers Palm's IP response

Palm's response to Apple today was notable for a few reasons.  The obvious was their no-blink attitude, facing up to notoriously-litigious Apple and, in effect, telling them to put their lawsuit money where their IP mouth is.  Less obvious, but a whole lot more amusing, is Palm's choice of spokesperson: Lynn Fox, currently vice-president of public relations at Palm, and formerly head of Mac PR at Apple.

It's no secret that Fox is an ex-Apple employee, in fact she's one of a handful currently working at Palm that used to clock in at Cupertino.  The most public is of course Jon Rubenstein, who helmed Apple's iPod division until defecting to become Palm's chairman, but there's also Mike Bell, now senior vice president of product development.

Now we're not saying that Palm brought out Lynn Fox particularly because of her history as Apple's mouthpiece, but a brief look through Palm's recent pronouncements to the press show that there's no great consistency in who does their talking.  Was Fox a sly snub, reading out a statement that – to be frank – sounds a whole lot like something Apple themselves might say?  We're sure the thought never entered Rubenstein's head.