Evrythng to connect physical objects to the internet

Can you imagine a world where every physical object around you is somehow connected to the internet? A world where your toaster warns you about inclement weather, your digital camera suggests when it's best to go out for a shoot, and your musical instrument connects you with other same-level musicians in your area. This initiative is so called "The Internet of Things" and a new company called Evrythng has plans to really start pushing the envelope in this arena.

Evrythng is a startup founded by Niall Murphy and Andy Hobsbawm and is backed by Niklas Zennstrom's Atomico Ventures. In their own words, the company is in the business of "Digital augmentation that activates digital identities for physical objects."

The aim is to create a secure platform that allows any and all objects to have an online presence. Manufacturers or third parties can create unique identifiers for physical objects that are then tied to an online profile. For instance, a used bike may have an online identifier that will allow a new owner to know its service history or have it automatically updated in real-time via the cloud.

This concept isn't new, but Evrythng wants to see it materialize before the end of this year. The company plans to be the secure platform that makes all this possible and has already begun discussions with a range of consumer goods manufacturers.

[via TNW]