Evolyte offers $100 off 32GB iPad WiFi

Shane McGlaun - Nov 26, 2010
Evolyte offers $100 off 32GB iPad WiFi

Most geeks are familiar with Woot and the deals the site offers where you can save big if you are paying attention. I bet a lot of you are familiar with Groupon as well. A new site called Evolyte has surfaced that is similar to Woot and Groupon. Evolyte describes itself as, “Imagine if Groupon and Woot had a superhero baby that never cried.”

I think that description about sums it up. If you have a major jones for a new iPad, but you don’t want to pay what the things cost right now Evolyte has a deal for you. For a limited time you can save $100 on a 32GB iPad WiFi tablet.

When the site says for a limited time, they aren’t kidding. The deal is good as of right now for about 4 days and 18 hours longer. There is also a limited number of the iPads at the special price. So far, seven out of the 50 offered have been purchased. You also get free shipping.

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