EVgo will expand its charging network to support Tesla vehicles

EVgo operates the largest public fast-charging network for electric vehicles in the nation. The company has announced that it is expanding its charging network to offer support for Tesla vehicles at more of its stations across the country. The company will upgrade hundreds of its stations with integrated Tesla connectors.The company says adding the Tesla connectors will further EVgo's reach as the only EV charging platform that uses 100 percent renewable energy and is capable of charging vehicles using all three fast-charging standards. Supported standards includeCHAdeMO, SAE Combo or CCS, and Tesla. All without the need for a separate adapter.

The company also brags on its 98 percent uptime for the charging network and promises support for Tesla vehicles will bring the benefits of an EV more drivers in the US while helping reduce pollution from the automotive sector. EVgo intends to roll out more than 400 integrated Tesla connectors at existing charging stations. The company will also deploy an additional 200 connectors that are reserved for new stations planned to launch in 2021.

The new stations will be deployed in key cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, and Miami. The first deployments of Tesla connectors for EVgo charging stations happened in December 2019 at some San Francisco and Los Angeles locations. The addition of those connectors made EVgo the only third-party fast-charging network in the US to be incorporated in the Tesla navigation system.

Support for Tesla vehicles is big for the charging network as Tesla currently owns 80 percent of the electric vehicle market in the US. Drivers are always looking for convenient charging options, and EVgo has stations positioned at grocery stores and retail outlets across the country.