EVgo charge network changes to kWh pricing in California

EVgo is one of the larger nationwide EV charging networks, and the company has announced that it has changed its service. It now offers new nationwide plan options, a loyalty program, and a new pricing pilot underway in California. Among the changes that EVgo is announcing include a kWh and time-of-use pricing pilot underway in California.

The charger network has also revealed location-based pricing for customers using the charging network in San Francisco or Los Angeles. An upgraded EVgo Plus subscription will go into effect nationwide next month. Using California will see a switch from minute rates to kWh rates based on three time-of-use Windows.

The time-of-use windows include 12 AM to 8 AM early-bird, 4 PM to 9 PM on-peak, and off-peak windows of 8 AM to 4 PM and 9 AM to 12 AM. EVgo Plus promises higher discount rates and other benefits for heavy network users. The EVgo Rewards program is also expanding nationwide, with all active customers enrolled in the program.

Under the program, users earn five points for every dollar spent on charging sessions, with other opportunities to earn points towards free charging sessions. The charging network says its changes to how users pay for charging allows them to pay for the electricity they use at a rate reflecting the costs in that location, local utility rates, network congestion, and the time of day.

EVgo says that while the initial rollout is happening in California, the trial will help it innovate pricing for other markets. Currently, EVgo has electric chargers in more than 800 locations across the US. The chargers range from slower 50kW stations up to speedy 350 kW charge stations. EVgo currently has over 2000 chargers in the Active Engineering and Construction stages.