Everyone loves a Slanket

Ok, first off, I know that this product is neither a revolutionary piece of technology or cool gadget. But with the recent cold snap that we've had here in the Midwest I can't resist. Now that we have that out of the way, this thing is just cool. Imagine that you want to lay down on the couch and throw on a blanket and post in your blog or troll your favorite forums. Well, anyone that has done this knows it's a pain to actually maneuver the blanket so that you're not only covered, but you can still work on your laptop.

This new product called the Slanket aims to make that task a whole lot easier. Take that same warm blanket and picture large cuffed sleeves for your arms. Now you can wrap up and lie down on the couch and work comfortably. The Slanket currently comes in 5 different colors and will set you back just under $50

The Slanket Experience [via Techie Diva]