Everybody's Nintendo Wii Channel Finally Launched

Well, at least in Japan. What's it good for you might ask, well lots of things, but mainly release date info, promo vids, and streaming DS demo downloads.

Oh, did that last one get your attention? Figured it would, you read right, if you live in Japan, you can now download and play demos on your DS from your Wii. It's kind of like the deal Sony has going with the PSP and the PS3.

The service also offers up a lot of other content, but basically it's just a giant advertisement for Nintendo and their products, there are also a couple patches for DS games on there as well a game recommendation system. Hopes are high that, like the Check Mii Out channel, this channel will be released worldwide soon.

'Everybody's Nintendo' Wii channel launches in Japan, offers videos and DS demo downloads [via joystiq]