EverQuest: Rain of Fear expansion now available

The original MMORPG game was EverQuest, and this game has been around for many years. Today, EverQuest is overshadowed by the much more successful and popular World of Warcraft. However, EverQuest still has loyal fans that play and Sony Online Entertainment is still supporting the game.

Sony has announced the release of the 19th expansion pack for EverQuest. That expansion pack is called EverQuest: Rain of Fear and continues the storyline from House of Thule and Veil of Alaris. In this expansion pack players have released the stolen power of fear.

The power of fear is returning to Norrath in the form of crystalline shards that fall from the sky. The players will roam the surface of the game world collecting the shards trying to control the essence of fear and bring balance to the world. The expansion pack raises the games level cap to 100.

It also adds new zones, raids, missions, quests, spells, items, and new trade skill recipes. The expansion pack also adds a new Slayer System, Aggro Meter, and Collection System. The brokering system is also improved to enable off-line selling. The expansion also brings non-visible armor that can be worn by all players and players can collect items designed specifically for their class' abilities. The expansion pack is available for $39.99 with the collector's edition including digital bonus items available for $89.99.