EverQuest II launches new expansion called Chains of Eternity

EverQuest was one of the first MMORPG games on the market and has been around for many years. The game has been outshone over the last several years by World of Warcraft, but EverQuest still has a faithful following. If you're a fan of EverQuest II, you will be glad to hear a new expansion pack has launched for the game.

The expansion pack is called Chains of Eternity. The expansion tasks players with fixing an imbalance in the realm of the afterlife that is bringing the mortal and immortal realms to the edge of demise. Players will have to travel to Ethernere, which is the realm of the afterlife in the game to discover the problem and fix it.

The expansion pack adds new features to the game, including a new level max of 95. The game expansion also adds new prestige abilities for adventures and tradeskillers. Other new features include a Spirit capstone adornment that grows in power with the player, and two overland zones in the spirit realm are now available to explore.

The expansion also adds new dungeons, quests, and in-game items to discover. In all, there are nine new dungeons in the expansion and new quest lines. The expansion pack is available for $39.99 in standard form. The Collectors Edition offers in-game bonus items and is available for $89.99.