Evernote Web Clipper extension for Chrome gets Gmail update

Note-taking addicts and Evernote lovers alike have had access to the Evernote Web Clipper tool for awhile now, which allows individuals to clip items from the web for easy saving to their account. That tool just got a little more useful, however, with an addition to its Web Clipper for Chrome extension: clipping within Gmail.

Gmail certainly offers its share of organization tools, but anyone who lives primarily in an email account will at one time or another find themselves lost in a sea of old messages, keywords pulling up unwanted content, and missing items they need. Such is the idea behind using Evernote for clipping content from Gmail, presumabely making it easier to sort, organize, and find items.

The tool is easy to use. After opening the email that you want to save, the extension merely needs to be fired up. It will save the parts of the email it can see, as well as attachments that might be included with the email. Expanding the email conversation – if more than one email is involved – will result in it clipping all the messages and storing them to the Evernote account.

Once clipped, the messages can then be sorted into whatever notebook the user wants, such as one related to its subject, or to a notebook devoted specifically to emails. As with other clippings and notes, users can add tags to the messages, making them easier to find in the future, as well as adding notes to them for further clarification.

The clipped messages are stored in Evernote in a clear formatted manner, which you can see in the screenshot above. Information like the recipients and subject line are saved, with the latter becoming the note's title. In addition, there's another feature specifically for premium users: the ability to search attachements, whether they're PDFs, spreadsheets, or something else entirely.

SOURCE: Evernote