Evernote Scannable for iOS makes digitizing paper easy

Evernote users are about to have more reasons to make the service a central hub for their digital lives. Today, the company is announcing Scannable, an app that will scan any document you have and upload it to their service. Better yet, your scanned documents are also searchable via Evernote, so you can find them laterĀ on. You'll also be able to send the documents along via just about any digital means you like. Images are automatically rotated, cropped and adjusted , too.

Scannable sounds simple enough, but has a lot of underlying things that make it really cool. If you scan a business card, Evernote searches LinkedIn for their info and saves it to your contact list. You can send documents along via email, but they can also be sent via text. you can also share via iCloud or AirDrop.

You can also control an Evernote ScanSnap scanner from the app, making filing that much easier.

The app is free, and links up with your Evernote account seamlessly. We've given it a quick hands-on, and it works as advertised. If you're a big Evernote fan, or are just really into digitizing your paper trail, give the app a try.

Source: App Store