Evernote partners with KakaoTalk for chat integration

Evernote is looking to branch out and get into the mobile messaging business. The company behind the popular note-taking app has partnered up with instant messaging service KakaoTalk in order to broaden their service to the Asia market, as well as integrate some of their features into Kakao's chat client.

Folks in the US or Europe probably have never heard of KakaoTalk, or if you have, you've probably never used it — it's mostly the chat app of choice amongst those located in Asia, but Evernote is looking to expand its reach into that area by integrating some of its services into the chat window of KakaoTalk conversations, allowing users to share notes, images, and links within Evernote.

Evernote currently has around 1.5 million users in Korea alone, but the partnership deal with Kakao will most likely boost the company's user base significantly in the country. As for how the integration will work, users can bring up Evernote with a swipe during a chat conversation, which will then them do a variety of Evernote actions without ever leaving the chat client.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin wants to change the way people think about the notes they store in Evernote. Libin says that the note-taking app has "traditionally been quite introverted," meaning that a lot of users keep their notes, links, etc. to themselves, and it's not really considered a sharing application, but it seems Evernote wants to change that with the their partnership with Kakao, opening up users to use Evernote as a sharing tool as well.

[via The Next Web]