Evernote Hello and Food apps jog social and meal memories

Evernote has released a pair of new apps, focusing its notetaking expertise with Evernote Hello for remembering people and Evernote Food to do the same for meals. The two free iPhone apps aim to satisfy some of what are said to be the full service's most common uses; for instance, Evernote Hello pulls together a face photo, time of meeting and the context, allowing for easier recall later on.

After the person's contact information has been punched in, if they leave their email address your own details are automatically sent over. Evernote suggests getting your new friend to enter their address themselves; when they go to take the photo, the front-facing camera automatically fires off four snaps for an animated homescreen tile. Subsequent encounters are appended to the person record, along with new photos, and you can see other notes made in Evernote or Evernote Food at similar times. Calendar links also allow the app to pull in more context.

As for Evernote Food, rather than people that keeps a log of meals, with photos, location, captions and, most importantly, the actual food and wine itself. Both apps automatically sync with Evernote itself, though Hello and Food notes are currently only editable in their native apps.

You can download Evernote Hello here and Evernote Food here.

Evernote Hello demo:

Evernote Food demo: