Evernote for Windows Touch scores several new features, Business support

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 5, 2013, 11:15pm CDT
Evernote for Windows Touch scores several new features, Business support

Evernote has announced an update to its Windows Touch app, something that brings users a variety of new features, as well as newly added Evernote Business support. The changes are immediately notable due to a new hub page, which is designed to offer users the “core navigation items” and various content from their account that is most commonly needed.

The new hub page features a variety of options, among them being new note options: the ability to create a new text note, kick things off via a file attachment, or create a new snapshot. The hub will also make it easier to get to shortcuts by listing them together under the “Shortcuts” category, which you can see in the screenshot above. These shortcuts first have to be made in Evernote, whether it is the Windows Touch app or a different variety.

Recent activity is also displayed on the new hub page, which includes Business notebooks and updates that have been shared in recent times. Notes are displayed, with the order in which they show up depending on the users. Notes can be ordered so that the most recent appear, for example, allowing for customization based on personal needs and preferences.

And finally, as far as the hub page goes, there’s the ability to choose a tag in order to see the notes associated with it, as well as notebooks, with some of them being listed on the hub and users being able to go directly to them by tapping. This applies to Evernote Business notebooks as well, which leads to the last feature addition: support for Evernote Business.

With the new support, those who use Evernote Business can do so from the Windows Touch app, having access to their Business library. The content from the Business library is distinguished from regular notebooks using color codes. From there, the changes are more minor, such as the ability to convert a note into plain text by removing the formatting. Evernote doesn’t detail these smaller changes, but stresses that, overall, this update is a “major” one.

SOURCE: Evernote

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