Evernote CEO tips future co-designed hardware

If you thought your Evernote account was full of note now, just wait until you've got a device that's built by the company from the ground up! According to no less than the CEO of Evernote himself, they're already looking into doing a branded piece of hardware for the Evernote ecosystem. While it doesn't appear that Evernote will be creating the device (or devices) all themselves, they may be doing a co-designed machine manufactured by a 3rd party company – perhaps the HTC Evernote is on the way?

Speaking this week at the New Economy Summit to IDG News Service this week in Tokyo, Evernote's CEO Phil Libin made it clear that the company will – in a few years – be thinking about creating their own device. Between here and there they'll be pushing for a co-designed smart handheld. Have a peek at this quote and see what you make of it:

"We won't actually do the manufacturing, but we'll do the co-design together. Eventually, in a few years—three, four, five—I think we'll be ready to do something ourselves." – Libin

According to Libin, the company is continuing to join up with massive names and services as they move forward. Evernote was one of the first names to join the Google Glass initiative this past year. They'll also be bringing on two-factor authorization for increased security across the board – starting in May, probably, so says Libin.

With services on the rise, the eventual Evernote device will certainly need to be "new and magical", according to Libin. Competing with the likes of Apple, Samsung, and HTC (if they don't join up with one of them for the product) will certainly require more than a half-headed effort. This will also not be the first time Evernote has integrated their software into an existing product – beyond apps there are connections now inside scanners, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and blood pressure monitors as well!

Have a peek at the timeline below to see more Evernote action as the software ramps up toward a hardware unit – only years away!

[via PCWorld]