Everio HD3 Camcorder from JVC impresses with 60GB hard drive

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 19, 2007

Capturing video in HD isn’t just for the pro’s anymore, more and more manufacturers are introducing affordable HD camcorders into the market. Take the new HD3 from JVC.

The HD3 from JVC  is a 3CCD camera that shoots video in 1440×1080 and has a built-in 60 GB hard drive. You can shoot up to seven hours of video at the max resolution, which is generally enough for most people. If you need more footage you can always turn down the resolution, or insert a Class 6 or higher SD or SDHC card.


You also get plenty of great features like digital shake reduction, aperture and shutter priority, HDMI, FireWire and USB outputs. They also throw in a copy of CyberLink BD for authoring movies on Blue-ray disks. While some may think that the $1300 price tag is a bit steep, I think it’s well worth the hardware that you’re getting.

JVC intros HD3 cam with 60GB drive [via electronista]

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