Everex MyMiniPC with gOS Space 2.9 and MySpace apps – they have truly taken the budget PC to a whole new level

James Allan Brady - Apr 7, 2008, 3:00am CDT

I have yet to get my grubby little hands on one of these things and I am already feeling my mouth water at the anticipation of what they’ve done just with the software side of things. If you thought for one second that you could do everything you do on the internet, this new version of gOS with the MySpace functionality added.

Even excluding the MySpace part of this OS it’s simply amazing. They’ve added stacks much like OSX, they’ve added shortcuts for everything from News, Photos, Music, TV and Movies, and then a MySpace stack that has quickly accessible links to everything that you’d normally have to open a web browser and go to MySpace to do. The new computer even comes with some of the first MySpace Apps since the API was released.

I really love the new links they have added, I mean the TV and Movies tab, you’d think would contain a media player or something like that, instead it makes it possible to watch TV on the web by linking you to sites where you can legally, and generally freely, watch movies and television shows on the web, such as Hulu, NBC, CBS and other such sites where you can watch full episodes of Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Once again gOS and Everex are working with a partner to push Linux into major markets, only this time, instead of doing it with Wal-Mart, they are doing it with MySpace.

The new computer itself is also fairly amazing, it features a Pentium Dual-Core Mobile processor T2130 operating at 1.86GHz, half a gig of RAM, a 120GB HDD, a DVD burner drive, integrated Intel graphics and Realtek HD audio, FireWire, 4 USB ports, gigabit Ethernet, a DVI and S-Video port, 4-in-1 card reader, and headphone/microphone jacks. Even better yet is its attractive small, shiny white case measuring in at 1.5 inches tall and 2 pound in weight? The new MyMiniPC will go on sale today for a low, low price of $499.

This is the ultimate for those wishing to make the move to Linux, due to its 3D desktop user interface that is extremely easy to use, but it’s also the dream PC for all those MySpace users that you know, all 100 million of them. The best part, in my opinion, is that with this new OS everything is geared to make it extremely easy to do almost everything you do online, but this time the hardware is also there to do everything you want to offline. Do I want one? Hell yes, and I’d use it all the time as I could save space, likely power, and still do everything I do now in a much more attractive package, all I need to figure out now is how I’m going to engineer a VESA mount for this thing.

[via Everex]

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