Evercool unveils Dr. Cool router cooler

I have talked about the cooling company called Evercool before. The last product that I mentioned from the company was the Battle Hero cooler for your gaming notebook. There are lots of notebook coolers on the market today so that product wasn't particularly new or exciting. The company is back with another new cooling solution and this one is unique. The new device is called the Dr. Cool and it claims to the be the world's first patented router cooler.

I have never really thought about how hot my router gets or why I should worry about my router getting hot. It looks like some sort of shape charge that a Navy Seal would use to blow a door open. It has two padded bars on top that you can set your hardware on for cooling. It will work with anything you can set on the top from portable hard drives to tablets and anything else. I guess you could even set your notebook up there to keep it cool.

When you use it on your router, the side clamps can clip onto your router to keep the Dr. Cool in place and allow you to keep that router nice and frosty. The Dr. Cool is a white device and Evercool claims that it will extend the life of your router by keeping it cooler. The device is powered by a USB port or a DC power transformer. Pricing is unknown and you can see it in action on the video below.