EveR-2 Muse, the First Robot Pop Starlet

The latest on the roster of hot fembots from Asia is the EveR-2 Muse, designed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITEC). First introduced last October, she has since ranked fourth for her chart-topping pop song and is hailed as the world's first entertainer-robot.

The EveR-2 Muse has 60 joints in the face, neck, and lower body to enable facial expressions and dance moves. However, I find her blank demeanor and facial detailing eerily akin to a made-up corpse or a stuffed coyote. I think the KITEC still have more work to do in the cosmetics department, so in the meantime I'll just ogle images of the Actroid DER2 from afar.

World's first entertainer robot 'EveR-2 Muse' [Via: Aving]