Even thinner MacBook Airs rumored inbound at WWDC next year

The arrival of the new MacBook and its ultra thin body seemed to have generated rumors about the untimely demise of the MacBook Air. This new bout of rumors, however, seem to wan to give the line a second lease on life. According to Taiwanese media, Apple will still be unveiling two new MacBook Air devices come 2016's WWDC event. But this time, it will be launching a 13-inch and 15-inch model, instead of the current 11 and 13 inch pair that it has right now.

If the 11-inch MacBook Air were to disappear, that might not actually be a shock nor a loss. The new MacBook, which stands at 12-inches diagonally, could pretty well be a stand-in in the ultraportable category. That leaves the MacBook Air with 13 and 15 inch size options, similar to the MacBook Pro. Of course, the difference will be in size and power, with the Pro's naturally offering more of both.

Interestingly, the new MacBook Airs are said to be even thinner than they are right now. If there's any truth to that, expect the innards of these new notebooks to be significantly different from their predecessors. Considering the trend, Apple might even choose to forego full-sized USB ports in favor of the same Type-C that it is pushing with the new MacBook. After all, if the MacBook Air is to be any thinner than it already is, something's gotta give.

That said, it may come to pass that none of this would be true, though it could leave Apple with a gap in its product lineup. Despite the almost unmatched portability of the new MacBook, it still doesn't come close to the MacBook Air, which straddles the very fine line between portability and performance, the latter of which is something the new MacBook still struggles a bit with.

But if the rumors do come to pass, the new MacBook Air would be revealed around June at Apple's annual WWDC affair, with a launch probably set later to around September.

VIA: MacRumors