EVE Online will turn players' stories into comics and a TV series

At the annual EVE Online Fanfest, CCP, the publisher of EVE Online, stated that it's going to spice things up for EVE Online players. It will soon be turning the stories of real players into professionally made comic books as well as a TV series. Players will have to submit their stories to EVE Online's True Stories competition before the May 1st deadline. Gamers will then get to vote for their favorite stories until May 15th, when the grand finalists are chosen.

Player submissions, even if they aren't the grand finalists, have a chance to be featured in EVE Online's 54-page comic book, published by Dark Horse Comics, who is known for its comics like Hellboy, Sin City, and its upcoming Mass Effect comics. The top stories will have a chance of being turned into episodes of an EVE Online TV series, which will be directed by an Icelandic director said to have produced many major films.

Alongside the possibility of have a TV episode based off their stories, finalists will also be given a series of other bonuses from EVE Online as well. Players who come in 3rd-5th place will be given a 1-year free subscription to EVE Online. The 2nd place winner will receive a free 10-year subscription to EVE Online. The 1st place winner will receive a round trip for 2 to Reykjavik, Iceland, which includes airfare and hotel accommodations. He/She will have the chance to visit CCP's headquarters and meet and talk with senior developers, and will also receive a 10-year subscription to EVE Online.

The launch of EVE Online's own TV series and comic books is in celebration of the game's 10th anniversary. There are also talks that a film for the game may be produced, though that'd be much farther into the future. Also in celebration of the game's 10th anniversary, Dark Horse Comics will be producing a 184-page hardback book containing all of the stories regarding the lore of EVE Online as well as the various NPCs you encounter in-game. There will also be a new collector's edition released giving EVE Online fans access to a variety of things, like cosmetic in-game items, physical models, and more.

[via Joystiq]