Evatran Plugless Power proximity charging for EVs rocks

Shane McGlaun - Jul 29, 2010, 4:37am CDT
Evatran Plugless Power proximity charging for EVs rocks

The two major issues that we often hear when we talk about electric vehicles is that they have a driving range that is too short for long road trips and they take too long to charge. One of the issues that we often don’t talk about is the cord needed to plug the car into the outlet for charging.

A company called Evantran has a slick new system called Plugless Power that removes this hurdle from the equation. The system is a two part kit. The charger sits on the floor and does its thing getting power from the wall ready for your ride.

On the car is a proximity plate that is able to start sending that power the EVs batteries simply by being close to the charging plate. What the system means is that for an EV owner to charge their car all they need to do is pull up to the charging station and walk away. The system costs about $3000 and the wireless upgrade is another $800 with install costs estimated at about $500. The big downside is that the charger is only 80% effective meaning charging take longer.

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