European authorities want a remote kill switch in all cars

The idea of having the ability to remotely stop a vehicle isn't new. GM has been able to do that for a number of years via OnStar. If some OnStar equipped cars are stolen, the car can be remotely turned off allowing police to catch the suspects. Authorities in Europe have a plan that could one day require remote kill switches on all cars.

The plan would require every car entering Europe to have a system fitted that would allow the car to be tracked and disabled remotely by police. The program is reportedly being developed by the European Network of Law Enforcement Technologies with the goal of building a standard for all automobiles.

The plan was revealed by a civil rights group from Europe called Statewatch. Authorities want to make it so police could disable any vehicle remotely at the touch of a button. The police say such a system would end high-speed chases.

Statewatch fears that the system would be abused. The GM OnStar system requires the owner of the vehicle to give permission for the stop before the technology is activated. OnStar says that it performs as many as seven slowdowns of this type each month.

SOURCE: Fox News