Europe set to get Wii Fit a month before the US

I've said for some time that I feel bad for gamers that don't live in either the US or Japan. It seems like every other part of the world get shafted when it comes to game launches. However, it looks like Europe is actually going to get something before we do. They'll be getting the Wii Fit almost a month before the US.

The announced date for the US is May 19, while all of Europe should see the little white board on April 25. Am I jealous? Not really, I don't actually see myself rushing out to get one when they do come stateside. Besides, they deserve to get a few launches before we do. Hell, they're still waiting on Rock Band to show up.

Nintendo hasn't announced just how much they will be selling the Fit for. They did say that they wanted to keep it under $100.

[via MaxConsole]