Etymotic and ACS pair up for hf2 headphones

Headphone buffs had better listen up! Etymotic is teaming up with Advanced Communications Solutions (ACS) to create some new high-tech earbuds that offer a custom-fit for each individual wearer called the hf2 headphones.

The earbuds are custom-molded from silicon. ACS uses a fast-setting compound to take an impression of the inside of your ear. Then, this mold is used to create earbuds sculpted specifically for your ears' shape and size.

The result? Total blockage of external sounds and supreme comfort. You'll be able to use lower volume settings because outside noise is blocked out so well and you won't have to worry about the earbuds falling out or getting uncomfortable since they were made just for you. Custom hf2 headphones will be available next Tuesday, April 28th for the equivalent of $131.

[via iPodNN]