Etsy Credit Card Reader released for your smartphone this Autumn

Chris Burns - Oct 23, 2014, 12:08 pm CDT
Etsy Credit Card Reader released for your smartphone this Autumn

The team behind Etsy’s success know good and well there’s quite a bit of money transferring hands between citizens of the Etsy community. Because of this – and because they want to continue to grow with great success – they’ve decided to get into the credit card business. Not creating credit cards, mind you, but reading them. In comes the “Sell on Etsy Reader” and Etsy Seller app, users will be able to sell their wares on the web and in real life with ease.

Supposing you’ve got a real-world store or stand you take with you to craft and art shows, you likely have a cash and check system in place. Etsy’s solution brings you credit card reading where your only option before was Square or PayPal. Etsy’s solution works with iOS and Android devices and the hardware is free.


The card reader is free, while swiping a card will cost you 2.75% per swipe. No Etsy transaction fee for sales made in person, no listing fees for sales made offline. Quick Sales have no extra fees.


You can also make Manual card entry sales without the device for 3% plus 25-cents per sale. Cash goes in to your existing Etsy account and a receipt will be sent to your buyer instantly.


For now this “Sell on Etsy Reader” will be available to USA citizens only, but they’ll be expanding availability across the world sooner than later.

VIA: Etsy

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